Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Set the time to be Effective

As the oxygen we breathe, time is something that is free, but priceless. No matter what your job title and, how to manage time is a determining factor between success and failure. What action do you do every second, minute, hour, and day will accumulate, forming themselves slowly, and will ultimately determine life in the future.

Failed to properly utilize time will result in regret later just because the time will never be played again. Remember, life is a timed race. Those who realize this will run to reach the goal before the time runs out. You will never be a winner and achieve your goal if you are just sitting or walking slowly. Here are 10 ways to manage time effectively.

1. Working at Times
Productive time to time when your body is still fresh, clear mind, is a good time to do a job. Make sure you do the job more difficult or require thinking at the time productively. Do not do something that is difficult when tired body and mind are tired because you will have trouble concentrating and your work will not be maximized.

2. Plan Activities
You have to have a short and long term plans of what you will do. Make a note to-do-list (a list of work to be done) as a guide in their daily activities. And make sure your plan realistic. Know your own ability and do not make grandiose plans in the future that will make overwhelmed.

3. Apply Scale
Priority If you have a job that is very much to be done, the scale of priorities is essential. Focus on the most vital issues and has the greatest reward, not an easy job and a fun first.

4. Write the Work Already Completed
Make also a list of work that you have completed to see how far you've finished your work. With this, you do not need to keep checking the job which has been done and what is not.

5. Overcome Habits
Procrastination Habit is habit that most prevents a person can utilize the time properly. Remember, if you do a lot of work in a short time, the results tend to be not optimal. People are generally afraid of delaying work stress while working on a job that is not fun for him. In fact, when it approached the deadline, you actually will be much more stressful. Overcome habits such obligations by doing it first, you will be more calm when resting or having fun.

6. Avoid perfectionist nature
Perfectionist trait will not make a better job overall. You just concentrate on one thing at a time without thinking about other things that may be no less important. It would be better if you also do something else as well, and if you have time left, you can fix the flaws in your work.

7. Enough Rest
Who says when we sleep we are just wasting time? Resting 6-8 hours a day have a very good effect to maintain our productivity. Imagine when you are rested and then got sick, you will spend a lot of time to recover. In addition, too often ill is not good for the body in the long run (and finance course). Remember that the journey is long, perlahankan step a few moments to take a breath and then ran again.

8. Learning Refuse
People who find it difficult to say no because he's usually afraid of offending other people, want to be praised, to be considered a "good guy" and did not have priority. Know that if you receive too much of your work will be more difficult to share time and overwhelming to complete. You will be people who are not responsible if you can not finish. If you are too busy, have the courage to say no for the sake of its own.

9. Dividing Tasks
Sometimes there is a job you can not do yourself, then you have to delegate your work to someone else. It is important for you to increase productivity as well. Usually when you are required to produce a large output, you must be clever to choose the right people in order to meet the target effectively.

10. Take advantage of technology
This era technology has greatly grown rapidly and some prices are not as expensive as before. You can use technology to increase productivity while using your time effectively. For example, use of the video call to the meeting and use the software for the management of the company. Not that you have to depend entirely on the technology. There are still some aspects that you have to do it manually without the help of technology. Use technology wisely to help you manage your time, not the other way around.